japanese online lesson

How to LESSON/课程

◎How to take a lesson

*Before the lesson, you will receive a “Contact Add Request” from the instructor to Skype, so please be sure to approve it.

*5 minutes before the appointed time, please put the application online and wait for the call from the instructor.

*At the beginning of the lesson, the instructor will ask you what you would like for today’s lesson.

*If you want to focus on pronunciation, have more conversations, or have more writing problems, feel free to let us know before the lesson.

*The lesson is 1 frame and 60 minutes. * You don’t need to pay for teaching materials or admission fees.

If you want to learn details such as grammar, you need more lessons. You can change the contents of the lesson at any time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any requests regarding other areas you would like to learn.


Application registration

Lessons use the free Skype, wechat, (ZOOM, Facebook Messages) software.
If you have not already done so, please download from the link above.
If they are not available, please let us know as some sites do not require registration.


*a personal computer or smartphone with internet access (Required)
*Microphone (Required)
*Only for WEB camera/PC (Any)

(You can see the video of the instructor side with or without the WEB camera. Therefore, it is not necessary to use a web camera, but I recommend you to have one because it will make it easier for the instructor to understand your situation.)

*From the SKYPE settings ⇒ Privacy settings, set Chat and Call to “Anybody”.